Please plan approximately 60 minutes for your initial visit in the clinic. Though most presenting complaints are relatively simple, we are prepared to evaluate more complex problems. There are seven elements to your first visit:


1. Registration - If you would like to save time in the office on your first visit , you may download and fill out the forms.

2. History - The doctor takes a thorough history of your health as well as your presenting complaint.

3. Physical Examination - The examination has four primary components:

        (a) vital signs;

        (b) assessment of posture;

        (c) general physical examination; and

        (d) neurological and orthopedic testing.

4. Imaging - X-rays of the area of complaint is most common, but may include more complex studies such as CT, MRI and ultrasound.  X-rays are taken only if necessary; the doctor will discuss this with you and recent x-rays taken elsewhere may be ordered.

5. Diagnosis - After understanding the nature of the complaint, treatment options are discussed.

6. Treatment - A treatment plan is based on patient need and tolerance.

7. Home Instructions - stretching, rest, reduction of activities and other home remedies may be used to assist in the treatment plan.

Follow- up visits include a treatment regimen outlined by the doctor as the most effective means for alleviating your presenting complaint. The time required for follow-up visits is approximately 30 minutes. As you begin to feel better, the doctor will discusss things you can do to decrease future discomfort with the same problem.

Your Visit / Forms

Download and print forms below: