Insurance and Payment Informatio n

A complete Office Financial Policy will be given to you on your first visit. However, the most common categories are abbreviated below. A staff member will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

We understand that it is optimum for your insurance to cover your care in our office. However, the necessity of a service should not be determined by insurance coverage. It is our first priority to help you achieve and mantain your health.

      — You have not assigned your Medicare benefits to a plan where your health services are               by referaal only such as Kaiser Permanente, First Choice 65, Secure Horizons, or United             Health Care.
      — Only spinal manipulation is covered; excluded services commonly necessary in our office             are examinations, therapies (hot packs, ultrasounds, etc.), and/or non-spinal treatment.
      —Any spinal treatment that Medicare deems unnecessary. Usually, a number of treatments            for a certain diagnosis are covered at the beginning of care. Medicare often denies                      coverage for anything they believe is "maintenance care."
          Note: Medicare supplement policies will not pay for any service that Medicare does not approve as a covered service, e.g., examinations and therapies. A few supplemental policies do cover these services. We will make every effort to help you determine your coverage's under Medicare and supplemental policies.

•Auto Accidents:
Personal injury protection (PIP) is mandatory insurance coverage in the State of Oregon. PIP pays your medical bills for one to two years after your accident regardless of who is at fault (up to your policy limits). You must fill out a PIP application with your insurance company before they will pay your bills. We will bill your insurance company for you. If the accident was not your fault, you are usually not "charged" with the accident, causing a rate increase. Normally, your bills are paid at 100%.

•Workers' Compensation:
We will bill the workers' compensation carrier for you. In an accepted claim, insurance pays 100% of all charges. You must complete a report of injury with your employer. We are in-network with SAIF Corp, through Managed Healthcare NW.

Participation Panels:

•Managed Healthcare Northwest (caremark and Saif)

•Regence Blue Cross Blue Shield

•Moda Health

•First Choice Health


If Medicare is your primary insurance carrier, several tests must be met before medicare will pay:

Health Plans:
We will bill your insurance for you. We will make every effort to verify your chiropractic benefits; however, coverage is not guaranteed by your company until they recieve the claim. If pre-authorizations or referrals are needed, we will assist you in obtaining them. Co-payments and anticipated un-met deductibles are due at the time of service. We will bill you for any other balances after the claim has been processed.

Payment is expected at the time of service. Cash and personal checks are accepted along with Visa and Mastercard. We also accept debit cards displaying the Visa/Mastercard logo. A bookkeeping discount will be applied.